| Women’s hats: types, styles and features of choice
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Women’s hats: types, styles and features of choice

A hat is one of the few accessories that can transform an ordinary woman into an elegant and mysterious stranger. One hundred years ago, the hat was an invariable attribute of a women’s clothing set, without which it was unthinkable to appear on the street. Modern women on the street in hats are infrequent, but invariably attract attention.

Witty Bernard Shaw said: “A woman is able to measure a lot of hats and choose the one that does not like her husband.” How to choose the right female hat that will make you irresistible and enjoy your husband?

First, let’s look at the basic models of hats. Of course, in fact, there are many more, but this is the very classics from which the height of the crown (top of the hat) is repelled, the width and inclination of the fields.

How to choose a hat with height and shape?
Choosing a hat, you need to consider your height and proportions.

Women of small stature (160 cm and below), it is not recommended to wear hats with very wide margins. In such hats a miniature woman looks ridiculous and looks like a mushroom. The low-ranking young ladies are wearing “fedora” hats with a high neckline in unisex style, as well as a bell hat and other hats with small fields.

To tall girls, on the contrary, there are hats with wide margins, even extending beyond the width of the shoulders. Such a headpiece will give a tall, slender woman with exquisite elegance. But it is better to avoid small hats to prominent young ladies.

Full women wear wide-brimmed hats with asymmetry. Smart headwear models balance the figure and distract attention from proportions.

Correctly matched to the face of the hat is able to decorate your appearance and change it both in the best, and the worst side. Therefore, it is important to choose a hat for your type of face.

There are 4 main forms of the face: oval, round, square, elongated and pear-shaped.

Women with an oval face are all kinds of hats. The oval shape is considered ideal, and does not require correction. Women with the right small features will also face small charming retro-style hats.
Oval face shapes are all models of hats

Chubby young ladies should not wear small hats – bowlers and pills, which will emphasize the roundness of the face. And the straw models of hats in the rustic style will be forgiven too by the chubby young ladies. Slightly stretched visually the face of the classic hat is a graphic shape with a high crown. Fields can be of different sizes, and if they are slightly curved upwards, it is also good.
How to choose a hat for a round face

Women with a square face, on the contrary, should avoid graphic high hats, because they emphasize a heavy chin. But the wide fields (but not wider than the shoulders), and a smooth top immediately soften the shape of the face and give it roundness.
How to choose a hat for a square face

Women with a narrow, elongated face do not wear hats with a high top visually lengthening their face (except for models that look a couple of sizes larger, for example, as in the photo with Sarah Jessica Parker). But the models that fit tightly to the head, and which have decor elements-a flower on the side, a bow and other ornaments, visually expand the face. Asymmetric hats (when one side is bigger than the other) will also look harmonious with this type of face.
How to choose a hat for women with a narrow face

Women with a pear-shaped type of face should not wear small hats that fit closely to the crown. Such models emphasize pronounced cheeks. The ideal option for a wide face will be large hats in resort style with a light wave on the face or asymmetry.

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