| What material should be hat – we will show you some
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What material should be hat – we will show you some

Felt hats
Felt classic hats of rigid form – the fate of elegant ladies. If you decide to buy a hat, then you need to abandon the jacket and choose a coat or raincoat. Felt hats are not exactly warm, but they are perfectly combined with leather coats, ordinary coats and fur coats.

Straw Hats
Pretty elegant and never aging option for you will be a straw hat in a rustic style. Made of natural material, these headgear are light, beautiful and breathable.

A hat of this kind goes to every girl, girl, woman and grandmother. With the help of simple tricks with accessories, this hat will sound in a new way in your image. It can be worn as with a dress, and with comfortable jeans. It protects the hair from burnout, and the face under reliable cover from the effects of ultraviolet rays. It’s much better and more natural than using every time to use expensive new-fashioned creams.

Knitted hats
But velvet sewn and knitted hats are considered one of the most unpretentious. To date, the best option, if you prefer to change the style and all the time to move from sporting to classical, reaching very avant-garde. These hats, most often not very large fields. They must necessarily try on before buying, because the width of the fields, the difference in the style of the crown can significantly affect your appearance. The main thing when choosing a hat is to have a sense of style and the measures that come with the experience. Good acquisitions!

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