| How to choose the right female hat – here some advice
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How to choose the right female hat – here some advice

It has long been believed that a hat in any wardrobe is a sign of nobility. As a rule, a skillfully selected hat can open a woman from a new angle. But an incorrectly selected headgear can completely ruin the impression of all appearance. Therefore, when a woman, so to say “ripens” for such an important female accessory, as a hat, she will always find some important tips.

First, your headdress should not be too obvious. His task is to emphasize the shape of the face and the outline of the head. In addition, the hat should be comfortable, it is desirable that it was functional, and therefore protected from wind, sun and rain. Naturally, you should not override her aesthetic component, which will emphasize your individuality. There is a certain rule – the hat should be on growth. This means, the lower you are, the less should be your hat.

What style should be a hat When buying is very important and see yourself in full growth. For example, if you have a lean face, a hat with a flat head and wide margins is very suitable for you. But girls with a round face need to wear hats with bent up fields, voluminous berets, hats – panamki, shawls, caps with visors, headgear with decoration. A round type of face will not go hats-pills and bowlers. Ladies with a triangular face are best suited for scarves and hats with small fields. Do not wear tight hats that will accentuate the top of the face. If we talk about a square face, then he goes asymmetric hats, models with drooping fields and caps with so-called “ears”.

If a woman has an upturned nose, it is best for her to choose a small hat in the form of a cap or a beret. Bohemian berets look great together with their outstretched faces, asymmetric hats, with lowered fields, and also men’s hats. It is better to abandon berets, and knitted tight hats. High women need to give their preference to flat and wide hats.

In addition, they are advised to avoid mini-hats and narrow hats. Small or low girls are very suitable hats with a high crown. There is a rule that the fields of the headdress of a small fragile woman should in no case extend beyond the width line of her shoulders. In a lady of large physique, the weight flaws are compensated by the ability to wear hats with wide margins.

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