| How to choose a hat by the type of face
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How to choose a hat by the type of face

The headdress in the summer is not only an element of a stylish image, but also a necessary accessory that will save in the summer from a sunstroke. Stylist-image maker, expert in self-branding Maria Pion will help you to choose a trendy hat that will complete your stylish image.

This summer designers offer to wear absolutely different hats. In collections Rebecca Minkoff, Ralph Lauren, Visvim there are also wide-brimmed hats, and baseball caps, and small panamki. Vivienne Westwood and Sibling went further and decorated the heads of women with massive bows, turbans and fishnet bonnets. To pick up a hat that will become an ornament of your image, you should consider the type of person.

There are only five main types of face: elongated, oval, round, square and heart-shaped. You can determine the type of person visually or by applying simple mathematical measurements. To do this, you need a centimeter, a sheet of paper and a pen. Measure the distance from the temple to the temple, then the width of the face – from the top of one ear to the other, the next measurement – the width of the chin – at its most outstanding points. Will only measure the length of the face – from the top of the forehead to the chin. Transfer all the numbers to the paper and connect the dots. So it will be easier for you to understand what type of person your face is.

For girls with this type of face, headgear suits, which almost completely cover the forehead. Hat hats with wide margins will also suit – they will give necessary roundness and niceness. Famous owners of an elongated face – Sarah Jessica Parker and Celine Dion – prefer this kind of headgear.

The main rule for owners of a round type face when choosing a headdress – this should be a hat of the “vertical” style, which is able to visually “stretch” the face. These can be fedora hats with medium fields, baseball caps or berets, which are better to wear asymmetrically (almost completely covering one ear and cheek). Among the chubby celebrities are Kirsten Dunst and Selena Gomez.

Look closely at what kind of headgear worn by the famous women of the square face type, Paris Hilton and Diane Kruger. For girls with a square type of face, headgear with soft lines, which will smooth out the sharp features, will suit. Give preference to round-shaped hats, berets (they can be worn on the side), wide light scarf-yoke or a hat with asymmetric fields.

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