| Female straw hat is the perfect accessory for summer
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Female straw hat is the perfect accessory for summer

Straw hats can be of various shapes, from which the canotier is recognizable all over the world and one of the most popular. Initially – this French headpiece was worn by men, for protection from the sun. Athletes – oarsmen preferred canoeing as part of their gear. However, in time, we noticed that it looks very harmonious not only with sports, but also with everyday clothes. So this hat entered the ranks of your favorite accessories all over the world.

The next step to treasured accessories should be measurement of the head. The hat should sit comfortably, do not squeeze, but do not fly, so first it is worth measuring the circumference of the head with a soft meter, or using a thread and ruler, along the line just above the eyebrows, ears and over the protruding part of the nape and choose a hat based on the data of such a measurement.

The last, most pleasant and long-awaited moment in the acquisition of a fashionable boater is, so to speak, the “introduction” of this accessory into the wardrobe. This hat will perfectly emphasize the taste of the owner, as now such a model is just in the trend.

It is fashionable to wear a canoe, moving it to the back of the head, to give an open mind and tenderness, or on its side, which will add to you businesslike and chic. This hat looks good, of course, with almost any summer clothes: Bermudas and a T-shirt, a summer sarafan, a light cardigan and sandals on a wedge, a linen trouser suit.

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