| Fashion for hats will never pass, because the hat not only makes girls mysterious beauties
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Fashion for hats will never pass, because the hat not only makes girls mysterious beauties

But to choose a hat, it is necessary to rely on fashion and desire to supplement your fashionable toilet with this interesting detail, like a woman’s hat. And yet, the choice depends on the woman herself, and for each he is different, individual and unique.

1. Low and high – different hats.

High women will be suitable for almost any hats, but here are the low girls – it’s better not to buy hats with huge fields. Here you need to look for the middle option, it will be the most successful.

2. The face will indicate the shape of the hat.

Face, here’s the first factor when choosing the shape of a hat, which is worth paying attention to. If you have a round face, then the hat should be picked up so that the face does not seem even rounder. Therefore, tight fitting small options are discarded immediately. Even more important is how the hat is worn, if the options you choose close your forehead, it’s not for you either. For a round face, it will be appropriate to wear hats that open as much as possible the upper part of the face or, at least, up to half. Also look good high hat, which seems to stretch the face, making it more proportional.

Proceeding from the above, we select hats for a narrow face. That is, it will be options that hide the forehead and, of course, not high. And remember that you need to wear hats always as they are provided, to raise on the back of this option, it’s to spoil your hat and your appearance.

3. Hide the spout.

It happens that the girls have a slightly not nice nose, a little longer than usual. Here the hat can perfectly help, because with a variant that slightly covers your eyes, your spout will become invisible and cute. If this part of the face is all right or it is slightly upturned, then do not choose the hats hanging over the eyes, this you will make your nose vice versa, more noticeable, which is not attractive.

4. Hat color and skin color.

When the type of hat you know, it remains to think about the color. To begin with, we select on the basis of a shade of the face, for example, if you have pale skin, then pastel and tender shades are contraindicated.

5. Blondes – one thing, brunette – everything.

When we have chosen a color based on the shade of the skin, we think about the hair. The most lucky here brunettes, they can pick up hats among all the colors of the rainbow, it’s easier for them, the color for them is chosen based on not hair, but only skin color, clothing and mood. And blondes are not lucky, white hats are not for them, also yellow shades and beige are contraindicated. For light hair, blue, black, gray, blue, turquoise, red or brown hats are more appropriate. If the face is bright, the green motif will look very good.

For fire hair, that is, for girls with red hair, blue, green, black, cream and brown will be appropriate. And as already understood on the basis of blondes, red does not suit all red.

6. Watch the hair.

When the hat is chosen, we learn how to wear it correctly, with the right hairdo. If the hat you select opens the back of your head, then your hairstyle with smoothly combed hair will not work. It is appropriate here to collect the hair in a bun or roller. And if the hat closes the back of the head – ideally a short hairstyle will look.

7. Hat with an elastic band.

Some women make a big mistake when they wear an eraser under the chin, believe me, it looks awful. It is more beautiful to hide the elastic band from behind under the hair, so now it’s worn.

8. Perfect headdress.

Maybe it’s not quite an ideal, but it’s very fashionable and convenient, it means the kind of headgear that takes. Ideal it can be called with the reasons for its functionality, which in fact is present. Takes it before, and today you can wear any girl, and he will really go to the woman, the main thing is that he should be one with the whole ensemble. In addition, for beret all ages are submissive and a woman younger than 20 and over 40 will look equally feminine in it. And yet, it is very warm and for a cold pore serves a double service, it will both warm and show your true beauty.

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